Bed & Breakfast

The Full Cherryhill

Locally sourced bacon and sausage, free range eggs cooked any way you wish, home-made potato cakes, Clonakilty black and white pudding, grilled tomato and mushrooms along with baked beans. Any variation of this is available.

Vegetarian Fry

Free range eggs cooked any way, Cherryhill potato cakes, grilled tomato, mushrooms and baked beans.

Scrambled Eggs and Toast

Three free range eggs scrambled, served with homemade wheaten bread.

Free Range Omelette

Free range omelette served with mushroom, bacon and cheese. Other fillings available on request.

Homemade Pancakes

Home-made pancakes, served with either fresh fruit, fresh cream and honey or bacon. If there is anything else you would prefer with our pancakes, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate you.

French Toast

French toast served with bacon and maple syrup.

We hope that all our guests enjoy this range of breakfasts, but if there is anything else you would like, let us know and we will always do our best to accommodate you.

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